Lessons from my 5 minute mug cake story

Cake in a mug
Source: Pexels

On Monday, my sister came over. We had lunch together. After we were done, she asked for dessert but we didn’t have any. To satisfy our sweet tooth I hopped on YouTube to find a quick fix.

I found a 5-minute mug…

Source: Unsplash/Raden Prasetya

When Instagram influencers had not found their footing and the online space had not become woke, fashion was on a whole different level. Back then, fashion exuded a sensual, modern, explicit exclusivity that wasn’t accessible to all and neither a necessity for many.

Today, influencers have put fashion on a…

Sarah Shaukat

Exploring this wizardry they call storytelling. My work is mostly around personal stories, entertainment & lifestyle, social journalism, & poetry.

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